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What is Nerd Fiesta?

While studying to sit for a computer certification, I decided to start a website where I would make notes of what I was learning. I was a bit slow in getting some articles written and have already obtained two IT certifications (CompTIA A+ and Net+), but nerds gonna nerd, so I’m still dabbling in writing about what I have learned (and am still learning). Also, while learning about web development, I figure filling up a site with some actual tech info beats Lorem Ipsum text. You’ll find some study notes, articles shared from around the ‘net and a bit of this and that. Ordered Confusion basically.

As for the actual name — a good, short domain name is hard to find and I’m not paying exorbitant prices to domain name hoarders, so this site name is what I came up with after finding my other choices are already being used (or for sale – nope).

Study Break / Nerd Gathering

  • Take a nerdy break and get refreshed by joining Dave Rush on his livestream to discuss all manner of digital alchemy, Thursdays at 8pm Eastern US Time/ 7pm Central. Set a reminder to check it out or subscribe to his channel to get alerts: https://www.youtube.com/@adramada ***Get in on the “ground floor” of this nerd fest!*** Contact me to join the Discord server for ADRAMADA.
  • For Raspberry Pi fans, check out the archives of his DRAMA show where he featured projects for the Raspberry pi.

*Maybe some other stuff, too. If you have found anything interesting (techy or not) that you would like me to feature, drop me a note!