Basic IT Courses and all around nerd knowledge:

  • Udemy course: Total Seminars A+ 220-1101 Core 1 Certification course
  • Udemy course: Total Seminars A+ 220-1102 Core 2 Certification course
  • Textbook: Complete A+ Guide to IT Hardware and Software: CompTIA A+ Exams 220-1101 & 220-1102 9th Edition by Cheryl Schmidt and Christopher Lee – ISBN-13 978-0137670444
    • The textbook is expensive but I received a free course from a grant at my local community college where the course was available via ebook on the uCertify site. I printed out some of the pages for personal use, but I would have preferred getting the dead tree edition. There are labs available in uCertify, too and I found a bundle with the textbook and uCertify course on Amazon but it was listed at $180 as of May 2023. Yikes.
  • YouTube Channel: Explaining Computers Christopher Barnatt is a nerd’s nerd.

Computer Networks

  • Free computing courses at – I finished a networking class there a long time ago and I see that they have a huge collection of courses now. Here’s a link to one: Mastering the Basics of Network Operations (The Alison link is an affiliate link – the courses are free but if you sign up with that link and then pay for a certification, I get some coin). There are LOTS of courses at Alison, even within the computer networks category.


Web Development:

Your Local Community College:

  • There are always grants available through your local community college. I returned to my local community college around age 40 and was accepted into the iTech program which paid for both my A+ and Net+ CompTIA certification exams.

Career Source:

  • Here in Florida, what used to be referred to as Job Service or Unemployment is known as Career Source. Search for your state’s unemployment or job service resources. It was through Career Source that I became aware of the iTech program at my local community college, which was a Department of Labor grant helping adults who were unemployed or underemployed upskill for technology jobs.