Bring Back Traditional Google Search – no AI

You can search Google with the Chrome web browser on Android without getting AI results by choosing the web-only mode from the menu at the top of a Google search page. This article from JR Raphael at ComputerWorld details how to keep that web-only search as a default, as well as how to set upContinue reading “Bring Back Traditional Google Search – no AI”

Check Register for Libre Office

If you are using Libre Office and looking for a good check register (which can easily be used for a credit card account, too), I found one here: Personal Checkbook Register On that page, there is a link to Download the template. After opening the downloaded template, you can start using it, save it andContinue reading “Check Register for Libre Office”

Printers and Linux Mint

After upgrading to the recent Linux Mint “Victoria” version 21.2, I was unable to print. I use an EPSON ecotank printer (Epson ET-4850) and in the prior version called “Vera” 21.1 the printer was recognized without me doing anything to install it. After upgrading, my printer wasn’t recognized and going through the steps of StartContinue reading “Printers and Linux Mint”