Check Register for Libre Office

If you are using Libre Office and looking for a good check register (which can easily be used for a credit card account, too), I found one here: Personal Checkbook Register

On that page, there is a link to Download the template. After opening the downloaded template, you can start using it, save it and title it, or copy it over to another new or existing spreadsheet file. (This bit assumes you already have Libre Office downloaded. If not, do that first here).

I copied the downloaded template over to use within a workbook I already had. To copy the template along with all the formatting and formulas, just click the upper left corner of the spreadsheet to select the whole thing, Ctrl+C (on Windows) to copy, then select the same upper left corner of the spreadsheet where you want to use the template and this time enter Ctrl+V to paste it in.

For use with credit card accounts, I delete the first column labeled “Check” and change the “Payment” column to “Charges” and the “Deposit” column title to “Payments”. You can easily customize this register to your preferred design and function, such as the colors, fonts, or adding a column for noting categories. Go wild! But, not too wild. This is a spreadsheet after all.

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