Switch from Windows to Linux

If you were a bit disgusted after Windows 11 came out, you may be considering a switch to Linux as your main operating system. For me, much of the distaste about Microsoft came from the fact that a company representative had stated that Windows 10 was to be the *last* Windows version and yet now we are told that updates (including security patches) will discontinue for that version after October 14, 2025.

The Linux operating system is a different animal from Windows and the thought of using it daily can seem like a daunting task if you are completely new to it; however, there are flavors (or distributions aka “distros”) of Linux that can ease the step into Linux waters.

The purpose of this article is not to cover Linux in depth, but to provide a suggestion of a Linux version that is thought to be a good fit for newbies, as well as a good video tutorial for installing and setting it up.

The version I’m suggesting is called Linux Mint. Even within Linux Mint, there are different options to try, but instead of getting too bogged down trying to decide, you may want to follow the video tutorial linked below and just see how you like it! Contact me if you have any questions. If there’s a lot of interest in trying Linux, I may post more articles about switching to Linux and we can all share our experiences and concerns.

The tutorial for installing and setting up Linux Mint comes from the
Chris Titus Tech YouTube channel: Windows 10 to Linux Mint

Related or Cited Resources:

  • Windows 10 to be retired in 2025 – Article from the BBC
  • https://linuxmint.com/ The official site for Linux Mint
  • The tutorial video linked in the article is a few years old and the Linux Mint downloads page looks a bit different today. If you want to download the LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition) like what is shown in the video, you may do so here.