Website Noise

I’m always happy to try new ways to make web browsing more pleasing. There are several tech sites that I would frequent if not for all of the pop-ups, videos, and smattering of ads mixed in with the articles that I find every time I visit. The website noise found on so many sites is one reason I started my own tech site.

JR Raphael of Android Intelligence1 often has great tips for a more pleasing web experience and I found one of the latest tips in this past week’s Android Intelligence newsletter. This recommendation is helpful for those who primarily use the Chrome web browser and involves using the experimental Chrome flags (where one may experiment with features not available by default). The Reading Mode flag gives you a way to view a website without all the clutter without totally removing the ads which site creators rely on to pay the bills.

Explore the tip in his article on Computer World:

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1Android Intelligence is now part of a broader technology offering called The Intelligence which also includes news, tips, and tutorials about the Windows operating system as well as general tech agnostic advice.